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good examples of Data Visulazation

50 great examples of data visulazaiton:

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mockup for application


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Diva 205 class note on 11/15/2010

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Diva 205- class note 11/08/2010

Card 1:

Theme : nature

Card 2:

Audience: kids age 3-12

engage kids with social learning games and experiencs

considerations: parental engagement, safety and moderation

Card 3:

calendar:  what: user wants to find or submit an event (public or private) based on a date or between a date range.

Use when: use this pattern to create date driven events.

use this pattern to find events by date.

use this pattern in combination with “face-to-face meeting”

Card 4:

welcome area: what : a user registers for a new service and needs to have a sense of what can be done at the site and how to get started

use when: use this pattern when a new user first accesses your site

use this pattern to acquaint the user with important or useful features.

Card 5:

identity cards or contact cards:

what: a user needs to get more information about another participant in an online community without interrupting his or her current task.

The needed informationmight include identity infor( to aid in recognition and to help the user relate to the participant) or reputation infor( to help the user make decisions regardingtrust).

use when: use an identity card wherever a user’s display image or display name is shown

use when additional infor about the participants is desired ( in context) without adding clutter to the screen.

Card 6:

avatars : what: avatar is both a generic name for a visual representation of a user online and a product name for animated/ cartoon or 3D rendering sand drawing that represent a user online

a user wants to have a visual representation of himself as part of his online identity

use when : use this pattern when the user wants to have a visual associated with her identity

Card 7:

Personal dashboard:

what: the user wants to check in and see status updates from her friends, see current activity from her network, comments from friends on recent posts, and other happenings from across her network.

Use when:  use this pattern when the experience of the site revolves around the activities of people and their networks, regardless of whether the activity takes place on the network.

use this pattern as a companion to the public profile

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Diva 205 -class note on 11/08/2010

Interaction design for social/ mobile innovation

search for “social mania”


write a short brief based on cards(30):

develop your vision statement/ product brief

mental notes+ firm up brief

pick one user flow and work through

sketching w/Mobile UL stencils(30):

sketch out screens according to flows

combine & prepare your

why mobile:

It’s on you: the device on your person during a behavior changing opportunity

Intimacy: relationship with your mobile device

Connectivity: access to networks allow connections to data&people

Non-disruptive: using a mobile doesn’t take you far from your natural flow

Culturally ready:

What is behavior change?

Ethics- mind the gap-action

I really shouldstart…….- shit. Another month went by- I was super busy

3 factors of behavior change:




3 core motivators:

sensation: pleasure, pain

anticipation: hope, fear

social cohesion


make the target behavior easier to do

break it down for them

by focusing on simplicity. You increase perception of ability

trigger: prompt, request ,offer, call to action, cue

trigger types: facilitator(high motivation , low ability)

, signal(high low motivition)

, spark

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HUMN 307- presentation preperation

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